“The man Who Swallowed the Radio”

Our New short film in Production Stage.

Brief Summary

A medical mistake results in sever danger over the state
of a precious radio which has fallen inside a patient’s



Magdy Atwan
Hala Omar
Sarah Shedid
Farah ElSabagh
Aman Zamel


Writter & Director/ Yasser Shafiey
Producer/ Marwa Tammam & Yasser Shafiey
D.O.P/ @Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi & Fady Hesham
Art director/ Nada Sherif
Assistant art director/ Mariam Hassaan
Sound engineer/ Ahmed Rashdan
Costume designer/ Layla Amr Hosny
Editor/ Sara Abdallah
Colorist/ Sherif Fathy & Mahmoud Essam
Music/ Khaled Al Kammar
Sound mix/ Angham Agrama
Sound design/ Angham Agrama&Khaled Al Kammar
Production manager/ Ramy Mahdy
Assistant Directors / Nourhan Ahmed Yasser,
Sherif Ashour, Mahmoud Khaled, Mina Magdi,
&Mariam Tamer
Photography/ Mosa DaVinci & Raghda Khairy
Production Company/ Papion Art Production
Co-Production/The Cell Post Production & Patchwork & Buzz Studio
Emna Najjar
Ramy Awny
Logistics Grant/
The national center of cinema

Written by

Yasser Shafiey

Directed by

Yasser Shafiey